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七乐彩预测 澳客网:Hygiene at mobile nursing services

澳客网必发指数 Our products and services protect people and materials from infections and contaminations. Hand and surface hygiene is an essential factor in preventing the spread of germs. Employees of nursing services should also take proper antiseptic measures when treating their patients.

All-round protection and care for patients

As an outpatient care employee you assume great responsibility for the patients and / or elderly?are entrusted to your care. Their immune system may be weakened, making them particularly susceptible to attack from pathogenic organisms. With our many years of experience in hospital hygiene, we effectively support you in your daily activities involving highly active antiseptics, disinfectants and care products. These include the well-proven wash lotions and skin care creams from the schülke company, which supply the skin with sufficient moisture and lipid-replenishing substances.

Hand disinfection: because clean is not safe

H?ndedesinfektionHands pose the highest risk in the communication of pathogenic germs from people and surfaces. Mobile nursing services face special demands, since the high fluctuation of patients leads to an increased exposure to ill people, which subsequently may lead to severe infections in weak patients, if any pathogens are transferred.

Our hand disinfectants provide increased skin protection in addition to an excellent effectiveness with the added moisturising substances as well as nourishing and replenishing additives. You can order our hand disinfectants as part of your patients' budget for nursing aids.
The products of the schülke product line also have a soothing and regenerating effect, which perfectly complement our product range of hand disinfection.

Optimal disinfection of wounds means optimal healing

octenidinDecubitus ulcers, injuries, inflamed skin are just a few indications, which call for antiseptic treatment. Our top quality preparations containing octenidine have a broad antibacterial spectrum and are well tolerable. They are ideal protection for your patients from infections and / or sepsis.

MRE an

The increasing spread of multi-resistant pathogens is an ever-growing problem, as multi-resistant pathogens (MRP) can cause a wide variety of serious infections. With our extensive portfolio of products for decontamination, we offer antibiotic-free products for different regions of the body.

Surface disinfection for all circumstances

Surface disinfection is also one of the crucial preventive measures. The formulations of our products have been comprehensively tested for their effectiveness in their intended area of use. schülke not only focuses on effectiveness when developing its product lines, but also strives to produce safe and user-friendly products, which are ideal for mobile nursing services. You can order our surface disinfectants as part of your patients' budget for nursing aids.

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