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okooo澳客网官方下载:Oil and Gas exploration

澳客网必发指数 Crude Oil and Natural Gas are fossil energy sources used for electricity generation, heating and fuel for transport purposes. Moreover they are important raw materials for manufacturing plastics and chemical products.

Microbial contamination may occur by proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, i.e. sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), in oil and gas fields in pipelines, installations for oil and gas recovery and drilling as well as by the use of surface and seawater commonly used to increase process pressure.

Sulfate reducing bacteria may cause the following problems:

  • Microbial induced Corrosion (MIC) on iron and steel pipelines, tanks and process equipment
  • Formation of toxic hydrogen sulfide
  • Formation of scale, which may cause plugging in process equipment
  • Degradation of process chemicals

Selection of the right preservation

Our recommended products to prevent or alleviate microbial contamination are grotan? OX and grotan? WS. They can be characterized as follows:

  • Prevention of microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC)
  • Broad, balanced spectrum biocidal effect (including sulfate-reducing bacteria)
  • Good immediate effect as well as lasting activity
  • Good anticorrosion properties
  • High efficacy and stability at high temperature
  • CEFAS “Gold Banner“ classification according to Dutch and British Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS)
  • “Yellow” classification according to the Norwegian Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF)
  • Completely biodegradable according to OECD 306 and non bio accumulating


Technical Support

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